What are Dragees?????

What are Dragees?????

What are Dragee???

DRAGEE (/ˈdrɑːʒeɪ/)

Dragées are all edible products such as, nuts, spices, sweets and much more, that by a coating technique using a special panning machine are covered with chocolate or sugars, achieving a regular and uniform layer around them. They are usually consumed at room temperature as a snack or aperitif at any time.

Dragées are also known as "Jordan almonds" or " confetti" it is believed they originate in ancient Rome, created by a famous Roman baker, Julius Dragatus. His confections were called "dragati " and they were basically honey covered Almonds. They were served at weddings and births of the nobility. The dragées started to be covered in hard sugar shells just in the 15th century when sugar became more readily available.

In France, more specifically at Verdun, this sweet is completely linked with the town's life. The town magistrates used to give dragées to the very important guests and figures. Henri III and Henri IV received some during their coming in 1574 and 1603. The Verdun kept this tradition and the "Verdun dragées" are very famous until now.

Nowadays, a part of the classic Jordan Almonds, dragées evolved to a bite-sized form of exotic confectionery, in which different centers (nuts, dried fruits, seeds just to name a few) can be covered/engrossed of many layers of sugar or chocolate using a special panning machine.
If not made in large scale by huge factories, It is a long and very artisanal process that requires knowledge, patience and a lot of technique.

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